Pilsner (4,7%)

Lofotpils is our signature beer.

As the original pilsner, this beer set the tone for an entire category of beers that followed - all of them crisp and clean and strongly influenced by the water they are brewed from.

The mountain water in Lofoten has a char- acter that makes it perfect for brewing pilsner and lager. With almost no minerals and a pH value almost as neutral as milk, it gives us the finished product a “milky” character.

Lofotpils is a great starter beer, but with a hint of green flavored fruits and vegeta- bles, like apples, cucumbers, lemons and limes, it goes perfectly with a traditional Lofoten meal of fresh fish and potatoes.

Most importantly, the Lofotpils is a great thirst quencher to be enjoyed in the company of good friends.


Mountain water from Lofoten, malt, hops and yeast
Best served at
4,7 ABV
4-6 °C
Lofotpils Lofotpils, Pilsner (4,7%)