Blondine fra nord

Citra blonde (5,5%)

Blondine fra Nord (Blond from the North), is a balanced and fruity American Blonde Ale brewed with citrus hops.

With its fresh aroma and taste of tropical fruit given to it by the Citra hop, we hope it lives up to the reputation of the real gorgeous blonds from the north.

Our Blondine fra Nord pairs perfectly with sashimi dishes and because of its fruity/citrus flavours and carbonated character it also stands up well against oily fried foods such as fired fish and scampi.

It is also great as a stand alone starter or as a refreshment, together with good friends.


Mountain water from Lofoten, malt, hops and yeast.
Best served at
5,5 ABV
4-6 °C
Lofotpils Blondine fra nord, Citra blonde (5,5%)